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Boxed Kids simply describes children who are trapped in a place or situation that they can’t get out of.

The inspiration came when I helped my mother organize an event for underprivileged children in August 2016.
I noticed that many of them were creative but unable to either recognize their talents or develop them due to poverty and lack of education so Kuukua (my partner) and I decided to create boxed kids organization to raise funds and help these kids pursue their dreams.
Anybody who knows Jamestown knows there’s a generational cycle that governs most of the families out there.
Most parents do not take their kids to school and they teach their kids to be fishermen.
They grow up to be fishermen and also teach their kids to be fishermen.
This has been the situation since I was a kid but as a young man now I have to do something about the problem.
I have to find a solution and Art is the only voice I have for now. 
As a visual artist, I think what I need to do is repaint Africa to the world by taking away the negativity out of the images and show the positive sides of Africa. Mostly, the negative aspects of Africa are the only sides that represents the continent and that’s one of the reasons that inspired me to create beautiful art pieces of these children, still, tell the truth about the conditions in which they live in and share them to the world.

Grace's Portion

IMG_8170 2.JPG.jpg

Twins Edition

The Wait - 1

The Wait - 4

Boxed Kids Prince Gyasi.JPG.jpg

The Wait - 3

IMG_1921 2.JPG.jpg

The Wait - 2

NCAH7886 2.JPG.jpg

Loads of Pain

No Struggles




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